3: Sunny Megatron

June 26, 2018

Listen now for an extremely raw, uncensored delve into Showtime and American Sex Podcast’s Sunny’s earliest erotic memories, including playing super-kinky games with 13 Barbies and one Ken, and the trajectory of relationships led to her later real-life husband and “co-everythinger” Ken. They explore whether an interest in the same kink(s) can save a relationship, kink as a secret weapon, the possibility of abuse in a 24-7 relationship, the traps and cures for great couple sex, and how it is possible to incorporate even the most “extreme” fetishes into your life. Also: Venn diagrams of arousal, and why *don't* Applebee's Appetizers include a Blooming Bunion?

2: Mickey Mod

June 13, 2018

Legendary and erudite porn performer Mickey Mod has worked with feminist pornograper Erika Lust, Vex Ashley and of course, kinkdotcom. In this episode he gets real with Susanna about what makes a great scene, why some porn is like eating McDonald's, and whether you have to identify as something to have great sex. Also, when polyamory can be less exciting than cheating, whether engaging in BDSM means you're unstable and whether you can be a Dom without the correct "gear." They finish with why they both don't like the word "interracial," how important context is when it comes to cuck porn (very) and why balloon porn is huge in Belgium (it's not).

1: Emily Morse

June 1, 2018

In this deeply personal chat, sexologist and broadcaster Emily Morse talks about how she started her podcasting and sex ed empire "Sex with Emily." Susanna and Emily discuss how to bring up your desires in an LTR vs. a hook-up, their BDSM preferences, and what leads to couples having mismatched libidoes. Also fetishes, integrating your body issues to feel sexy, and squirting!