The Sexual Intuitive® Podcast

3: Sunny Megatron

June 26, 2018

Listen now for an extremely raw, uncensored delve into Showtime and American Sex Podcast’s Sunny’s earliest erotic memories, including playing super-kinky games with 13 Barbies and one Ken, and the trajectory of relationships led to her later real-life husband and “co-everythinger” Ken. They explore whether an interest in the same kink(s) can save a relationship, kink as a secret weapon, the possibility of abuse in a 24-7 relationship, the traps and cures for great couple sex, and how it is possible to incorporate even the most “extreme” fetishes into your life. Also: Venn diagrams of arousal, and why *don't* Applebee's Appetizers include a Blooming Bunion?

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